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Hi everyone! This is my very first blog post for my new website Artsy Momsy and my very first project for 2015! YAY!

I’ve always wanted to create fabric covered cork board because I do not want a boring cork board in my office and in my craft room. I always go for chic modern look.

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DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board tools and materials

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Alright, before we start this project make sure that you have all the tools and materials that you will need.

  1. 14″ x 14″ fabric of your choice. Upholstery fabric will be perfect!
  2. 12″ x 12″ canvas. This will be your framework.
  3. 12″ x 12″ Cork Sheet
  4. Staple Gun and wires
  5. Glue/ Glue Gun
  6. Pencil and Ruler




Now that you have everything ready, let’s move on to the first step.

STEP 1: Cut the Fabric

If you are using a fabric with a pattern that demands to be used assymmetrycally, measuring your fabric before cutting it is a must. Find your center, and measure 7″ from your center to top, to bottom and to each sides. See image below:

cut your fabric 14" x 14"

OPTIONAL: Cut your fabric 1/2″ on 4 corners to make an easy fold.

Cut your asymmetric fabric

YAY! looks like I cut it perfectly 🙂

STEP 2: Glue your 12″ x 12″ Cork Sheet on the canvas.

Make sure to cut excess cork sheets on the side when the glue is dry. You want the fabric to fit perfectly on the canvas.

Glue the cork board on the canvas

TIP: If you are using rolled cork sheet, iron it first to flatten it. This will make your life easier when gluing it to the canvas.

DIY Fabric Covered Cork BoardDIY Fabric Covered Cork Board 2

UPDATE: Glue gun is more effective than using liquid glue.

STEP 3: Now that you have the cork sheet on the canvas, it’s time to cover it with the fabric.

Lay your fabric up side down and put the canvas with the cork sheet over it.

Below are some photos to guide you with the stapling process:

DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board 3

I used push pins to hold the fabric centered on the canvas.


NOW grab your staple gun and start on the sides.


Let’s Start folding the corners. It’s like wrapping a gift 🙂

IMG_20150211_111511 IMG_20150211_111522 IMG_20150211_111536

staple fabric on canvas

And we are done 🙂

Yay! How easy is that. We now have a modern chic fabric covered cork board. If you love this and you want to have one now, you can get yours at my Etsy Shop Here.